Margarita - Personal Trainer at FitnesslabPt

Margarita Grigoriadi is the founder and head coach/Personal Trainer for FitnesslabPT as well as an established trail runner, triathlete and ultra-marathon, and personal trainer.

Margarita always had a love for sports and exercise from a very young age and pursued a degree from Leeds University in Health Science. Since then, Margarita honed her skills and obtained qualifications as a qualified triathlon/running coach as well as strength and condition coach.

In addition to running, Margarita has worked in gyms training individuals for personal training as well as conducting classes such as spin, circuits, and power pump – and in 2018, Margarita founded FitnesslabPT to share her knowledge to both runners looking to be at the top of their game as well as beginners who are looking to start their fitness journey.

“My aim is to help people move better and train harder. I have always tried to help people get motivated, and more importantly – perform the techniques in the proper and correct form which will help in reducing injury and be more effective. Plus I like to work closely with my athletes to find out what they really like to do to keep them going and motivated.”

As an athlete herself, competing in the Seven Dragons in Hong Kong 2019 and coming second in the women category in Greece Mythical Olympus in 2019 and frequently coming top 3 in Triathlon races – Margarita has the experience to take you to that extra mile and condition yourself for the race.

Margarita currently coaches the Tyne Triathlon club in Newcastle Upon Tyne, as well as coaching in swimming techniques for both beginners and professionals. On top of this, Margarita coaches and creates training plans online to wonderful athletes around the world of all levels to improve and condition their running abilities to reach their goal.

At her private studio in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, Margarita trains and provide advice to her personal training clients and conducts Bootcamp classes and strength and conditioning classes.

With FitnesslabPT, you will have coach and trainer who communicate with you, listens to your needs and understands your needs – communication is key to motivate you and to ensure you are doing the plan to your best abilities. No ‘body’ is the same which is why the plan is designed and catered to you and you only. This is for everyone – if you are a beginner who wants to try fitness to a professional looking to up their game – we will work together to achieve your target and goals.

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